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Clouden welcomes the government’s plans to legalize marijuana

One of Grenada’s leading advocates in the fight for the legalization of marijuana, attorney-at-law Anslem Clouden has welcomed with open arms, the government’s pronouncement of the pending legalization of the banned drug cannabis via the throne speech delivered to the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament on Tuesday.
In outlining the government’s plans for the next five years, Governor General, Her Excellency Dame Cecile La Grenade, in the throne speech said, the government will invest in the emerging sector of the cannabis industry. Cannabis will be legalized and a legal and regulatory framework for its production and sale will be created to commence and guide the development of the industry. The focus will be on the medical and industrial uses of the plant, to create employment, and generate foreign exchange.
In his response, Clouden dubbed the disclosure as welcoming news that will augur well for the country’s economic development.
Having championed the call for the legalization of marijuana for years, Clouden said the information will no doubt resonate well with all those who have laboured in the vineyard for that cause for decades, and in some instances persecuted and sent to jail in the fight.
He noted that once this is done, Grenada will see an increase in economic activities given the proceeds that is likely to surface from this industry.
lauding the National Democratic Government (NDC) government for a well-thought-through throne speech, the veteran lawyer said he accepts with great expectation the fact that in the not too distance future, persons would be free to use marijuana for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. He noted, that what is interesting about the announcement from the Governor General, was the fact that she did not say, decriminalize but legalize, and this he hinted is extremely important. It, therefore, means he said, members of the Rastafarian community and others who would otherwise take a smoke in their closet, will now have an opportunity to do so in a celebrative manner.
Clouden likened Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell to biblical King Samuel, a man he said of great wisdom and understanding, listening to the call of the Grenadian people, and giving an answer in accordance with their wishes.
After maintaining a firm hand and saying no to the legalization of the substance for a number of years, the Keith Mitchell-led administration, prior to its defeat in the June 23rd election, was leaning toward decriminalizing marijuana.

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