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Genada Informer June 14th 2024 Grenada Informer June 7th 2024

The National Stadium came alive after two years due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, patrons got a chance to view and listen to the sound of sweet steelpan music again. Six bands of steel orchestra took the stage at the 2022 Spicemas Pantastic Saturday night before a relatively small but very vibrant crowd of steel pan lovers.
Grenada Co-operative Bank Commancheros secured the top spot at this year’s Panorama with their stellar performance and rendition of Myney’s 2008 hit song, ‘Ten thousand masqueraders’ and scored a total of 272 points.
Republic Bank Angel Harps placed 2nd with their selection of Tangler’s song ‘Shalla Betty’ with 269 points.
3rd place went to New Dimension who performing their rendition of Skinny Banton’s ‘Wrong Again’ amassed 266 points.
River Road Pan Wizards took the 4th position with 238 points for their selection of ‘Soca Nice’ by V’ghn.
5th place went to Rainbow City All Stars who performed ‘Open up the Door let me Come In’ by Ajamu scoring 236 points.
Florida All-Stars took the 6th spot with their selection of ‘More Steel Band’ and scored 222 points.

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