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As part of a series of village committee meetings planned by the Eastern Division of the Royal Grenada Police Force, for the Parish of St Andrew, which commenced last Friday, the village of Telescope received the first one.
Members of the Eastern Division of the RGPF, officers mainly attached to the Grenville Police Station, Minister for Education, Education, Youth, Sports and Culture with responsibility for Education, Senator David Andrew, Minister for Economic Development, Planning, Tourism and ICT, Creative Economy, Agriculture and Lands, Fisheries and Cooperatives with responsibility for Economic Development, Planning, Tourism, ICT and Creative Economy Lennox Andrew, MP for St. Andrew’s South East, and other officials met with several residents of Telescope last Friday at the Telescope Multi-Purpose Centre and discussed ways to reduce criminal activities in that village, ultimately making it crime free.
The objective behind the initiative, according to police officials, is to foster a better working relationship between the police and various communities, across the parish, especially those where criminal activities are rampant.
Last Friday’s event, although considered a success saw a relatively small turnout, considering the population of Telescope, and residents were given prior notice via a public address system by the RGPF days in advance.
However, the RGPF thinks that those who turned out to the discussion should bring the information to other residents who missed it.
Both ministers are willing to give their support to ensure that the village is one of the best in the parish. They remarked that the village was noted for several sporting activities that were organized by villagers themselves, especially football, which brought out the entire community. Such events could be brought back, Minister Lennox Andrew said, which in his opinion could reduce the level of crime.
Officers appealed that illegal activities be reported and suggested that conflicts could be resolved. They insisted that the community must have a better working relationship with the police, not only to assist the police in fighting crime but the community must be aware that the role of the police is also to protect them.
One villager, Mr Lillete, who was also a guest at the function, said that villagers must not only have respect for each other but they must also respect people’s property. Another guest believes that the onus is on parents to guide their children properly so that they would grow up in the right way thereby creating a better environment.
One villager remarked that many persons who own animals in the village do not have property and are allowing their animals to destroy other people’s property. He thinks a stop should be put to that, while another villager believes Telescope has come a long way where crime is a concern as there has been a significant reduction, especially in the area of housebreaking and stealing.
The curtain came down on the event with the RGPF band doing several pieces of music.

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