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Tuesday’s disclosure from Grenada’s newly elected Prime Minister Hon. Dickon Mitchell, that his Government, with Cabinet approval would have completed the realignment and transfer of Permanent Secretaries to their various ministries, was received with mixed reaction. However, for one particular Ministry, sources told the Grenada Informer, there were shouts of hurray, hurray, as if embracing the change as one that just could not come faster.
Sources told our news desk that while some of the changes came as no surprise and in keeping with normal practices relative to a change in administration, the change at the Ministry of Social Development was a special moment for many.
One staffer told our news desk that the return of Veronica Charles, Former Permanent Secretary acting to the Ministry of Social Development, is testimony that the Law of Karma is alive and well, in that ” What goes around, comes right back around.”
Charles we were told, was sent packing after she allegedly failed to comply with a direct order from a Government Minister, on the basis that what she was asked to do was wrong and therefore, she could not place her signature on that document, so ordered.
Sources said the event that followed was shocking, in that Veronica was asked to proceed on leave and landed a new position as an Institutional Strengthening Specialist in the Ministry of Climate Resilience.
Charles, we were told challenged her transfer on the basis that it was unconstitutional and violated section 82 (12) of the constitution, in that no reason was given for her transfer.
The matter was taken to court and in 2019 Charles who was represented in Court by Former Finance Minister, Nazim Burke, had judgment handed down in her favour. The Judge ruled that the then Cabinet Secretary Ms Beryl Isaac’s decision was unconstitutional and ordered that Charles be returned to her substantive post.
Sources said the irony of the situation is that the individual who replaced Charles, apart from not possessing that same level of technical know-how and professionalism that comes with the job, allowed political persuasion to drive her decision making and on many occasions, sources said workers get the worst end of the stick. Workers we were told were afraid to speak out, even in instances where their own rights are being violated, for fear of losing their job.
The return of Veronica to the Ministry of Social Development despite that she would have challenged the Government legally and won. Sources said its like a breath of fresh air and a relief to most of the staff within that Ministry.
Sources describe the situation as a loss for words and all that is left to say is Hurray! Hurray! Hurray.

One thought on “Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! One Ministry’s response to Government Ministry Changes

  1. Gillian Baptiste Johnson says:

    YES! God’s justice is alive and well!

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