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With the number of confirmed cases of Monkey Pox disease in the region continuing to rise, health officials in Grenada have taken the decision to ramp up the level of vigilance at the various ports of entry with a view to combating the spread of this disease in the event that it reaches Grenada.
Speaking at Tuesday’s post-cabinet briefing, health minister, Jonathan La Crette said, while Grenada is yet to have a confirmed positive case of Monkey Pox, his ministry is taking a proactive approach to combat the spread of the disease.
La Crette said, already they have begun engaging management at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MNIB) where they’ve since increased sanitization protocols, and in the coming weeks, will be provided with specific instructions by the ministry, relative to preventative measures at the various ports of entries.
As it relates to measures in place to deal with increased visitors to Grenada for the carnival season, La Crette said the ministry has already started an education and sensitization drive with a view to getting the public more in line with the various plans, programmes and directives of the Ministry of Health.
Responding to whether Grenada is ready or prepared to deal with a possible outbreak of Monkey Pox, the minister stopped short of giving an outright negative answer, but hinted that Grenada is presently plagued with a serious deficit of human resources within the health system, this he said is partly due to mass migration of health workers in the recent past. As a result, the remaining health workers are called upon, to double up their efforts to make things happen. He assured the public, however, that the ministry will do all in its power in the event of an outbreak on the island, to minimize the spread of the disease and ensure that Grenadians are kept safe.
Minister La Crette further noted, notwithstanding that Grenada recently came from a massive mask mandate to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus, if controlling the spread of Monkey Pox means returning to mandatory protective measures, his ministry would not hesitate to facilitate the same. The Ministry of Health, he said, would keep the population updated and informed on a regular basis if and when Monkey Pox reaches the shores of Grenada. He, however, called on members of the public to be vigilant and exercise best practices as they carry out their day-to-day functions.
Tuesday’s post-cabinet briefing was also addressed by Minister of State, Youth and Sport, Ron Augustine Redhead and Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell. Among the issues highlighted, was a decision by the cabinet, to endorse the signing of an agreement between the Government of Grenada and SVG Air, initiated by the previous administration. The prime minister said that could see increased air travel among Grenada, Carriacou and St Vincent and the Grenadines. The PM noted, that given the importance of that agreement, his government felt the need to embrace it immediately so that flights can commence as of August 1st 2022. Flights, he said, would take place five days per week, Monday, Wednesday, Fridays, Saturday and Sundays.
The PM noted that despite the financial implication to Grenada, the initiative will help to boost economic activities on the island as well as provide the avenue to assist persons in need of medical assistance.
Additionally, the PM said that the cabinet has given the green light to the Board of Tourism to proceed with negotiations with British Airways to ensure that air services between Grenada and the UK continue beyond December 31st 2022 when the current agreement expires. The present agreement he said provides for two flights per week while the new agreement seeks to up the number of flights to three, given its importance to the Grenada economy.
As it relates to delivering on the party’s campaign promises, Prime Minister Mitchell said they have begun looking at the bi-monthly payment for public workers, addressing the issues facing the Marketing and National Importing Board, and are well on stream with the issue of pension payment.

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