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The New National Party’s defeated candidate for the sister isles, Kindra Mathurine Stewart, has come forward to thank her supporters for the role they played in her campaign leading up to the general elections despite failing in her bid for a second consecutive term in the Nation’s Parliament.
Last Sunday, three days following her June 23rd collapse at the polls, Mathurine Stewart held an appreciation day exercise at the party’s office in Hillsborough.
She used the opportunity to express appreciation and thanks to all who played a part in her political journey far and reminded them that despite the defeat, the party would be back stronger than before.
The supporters assured her that they are committed to the cause of the New National Party through thick and thin and that they stand ready to knock on doors whenever the time comes around again.
The following day, Mathurine-Stewart conducted an internal session with her main electioneering team and thanked them for their support in the venture although according to her, it was not what was expected.
According to reports, she indicated that she was at the time, yet to decide on her political future.
Reports are that she is highly tipped to be one of the opposition senators in the Upper House of Parliament.

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