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After public backlash for a viral video of a police officer beating a young man, the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has sent the offending officer on administrative leave.
The RGPF released a statement this week stating that the administrative leave was to facilitate an investigation into the matter, which was also launched this week. An investigation into the intricacies of the incident was promised since the virality of the video. The clip showed a young man with bounded hands and feet beaten by a member of the force in plain clothes and wielding what looked to be a metal rod, whilst other plain-clothed officers dragged him from one point to the next.
In a previous press release, the RGPF distanced itself from the situation stating, “This is not behaviour which is consistent with what is upheld by the organization.” The statement also acknowledged that the concerns being shared by the public will be met with the necessary actions once investigations are concluded.
Defense Lawyer Jerry Edwin who initially voiced his disapproval of the officer’s conduct, commended Commissioner McKenzie and his assistants ACP Charles and Inspector Douglas. “Those officers have been given the mandate to get to the bottom of the beating,” said Mr Edwin, “The swiftness with which the officer was suspended I hope speaks to a new culture within the RGPF.”
If this is an indication of swift and just decisions being made if an officer breaks the law or violates the code, Mr Edwin expects that in future this will be the barometer for future incidents. The RGPF in their statement announced that all further updates will be given on the outcome of the investigation and the actions taken as a result.
Another prominent lawyer, Anslem Clouden thinks the incident was so blatant, there is not much to investigate. He says the officers should have been immediately arrested and charged.
Some members of the public are asking why only the officer wielding the rod was suspended. According to some, they should have all been suspended and investigated as the other two were not seen to be doing anything to stop or discourage the one carrying out the beating.
The public opinion is if they did not report the offending officer on their arrival at the police station, then they are all guilty.

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