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20th August 2022
Hanover Construction Company Limited (HCCL) has noted with grave concern the contents of an article published in ‘The New Today’ in its edition of week ending Friday 19th August 2022, Volume 14 No. 39.
HCCL has no issue with the utterances of the Hon. Minister Cornwall but takes serious umbrage with certain false and misleading allegations made by the publisher which are calculated to create mischief and sully its reputation.
Had the publisher engaged in responsible journalism, it would have availed itself to HCCL’s website ( which shows the legacy of Hanover’s multiple admired and flagship projects undertaken by the company in Trinidad and Tobago.
These stand as living testimony to Hanover’s competence and integrity. That this is so, is evident from Hanover’s invited entry into other parts of the CARICOM region inclusive
of Guyana.
Hanover vehemently denies there was any attempt by ‘The New Today’ to contact any official of the company and considers the article as imbalanced and lacking journalistic integrity.
HCCL reiterates its unflinching support to the Government and People of Grenada and its proven commitment to deliver quality works and services on all contracts.
The company is now exploring its legal options against the publisher.

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