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Genada Informer June 14th 2024 Grenada Informer June 7th 2024

As a tribute to the late Peter Bain a legend in his own right who left among his legacy, founder, leader and main organizer of the Rainbow City Mas Promoters Mas’ band, that will be competing come Carnival Monday and Tuesday for the first time since his passing.

Peter Bain’s successors, among them his wife and children continue to give the full support ensuring that all his legacies including the Rainbow City Mas’ Promoters Mas’ Band, will continue to move from strength to strength.
The band was launched last Friday and will comprise eleven sections this year among them, six adults and five children under the theme: Legend never Dies, a tribute to Cultural Ambassador Peter Bain BEM.
Mrs. Bain told the Informer that she was one of the main pillars together with her children in the organization of the band and all other events founded by her husband and therefore even if he is no longer here, these events have already become part of them.
The eleven sections of the band for this year’s Carnival celebrations will be a presentation of the Grenada Revolutionary: and this will be a representation of October 19th 1983.
One love will be a representation of his nightclubs, the former Bain upper level, renamed, One love Night Club.
Music: a representation of Bain as a disc jockey, DJ Hawk,
British Empire: His recognition by Queen Elizabeth, as Cultural Ambassador.
Pageant: A representation of the Mothers day queen show.
Farmer: Depicting
Bain the farmer, involved in livestock and growing crops.
Angel: Showcasing Bain lying in heaven.
Gem: Showcasing his passion for sports
Striker: Showcasing Bain the footballer on the field and Sprinter on the track and field events throwing of the javelin.
According to Mrs. Bain, the band has won numerous titles over the years and three times on the national stage, in 2018 they won all titles including king and queen of the band and children carnival frolic.
Bain said that the band played on the streets of Carriacou for nine years, therefore she took the opportunity and render a special thanks to the Almighty God for his strength to continue.
Also commended the loyal masqueraders of the bands dubbed, the real strength of the band and the ones that keep them going, special thanks, to the numerous people and entities that have been contributing to their continued success.

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    A section dedicated to miss Audlyn modeste

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