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About eighty percent (80%) of work in the rebuilding of the Grenville sidewalk and placing of slabs in some areas is completed.
The project started in March of this year and was scheduled to be completed within six months, according to one of the contractors.
The project consisted of rebuilding the deplorable sidewalks, making them safer for pedestrians, constructing a proper drainage system to control flooding in the town and placing and replacing slabs in some areas.
However, work has been completed in some areas while in other areas work is still ongoing.
Work has been completed in the lower areas of Victoria and Ben Jones Streets including areas along Jubilee Street.
However, in upper Victoria and Ben Jones streets, work is ongoing. Work on George V and Seton Brown Streets started but is yet to be completed while just over a week ago, work started on Sendal Street.
According to some pedestrians, work to rebuild the Grenville sidewalk and construction of proper drainage to control the flooding in the town was long overdue, it is an upgrade and enhancement for the town now that a great percentage of the work is completed, however, there are some slabs that do not fit well and need to be rechecked while there are some vendors who have already begun to block the sidewalks causing pedestrians to walk in the road.

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