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One person injured, money and jewelry stolen but stolen vehicle later recovered

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Police in Grenville is investigating the latest robbery with violence, which occur just outside the home of a Grenville businessman last weekend.

According to sources, the son of the owner and operator of May Fair and Shopper’s Paradise in Grenville, and his girlfriend had just arrived outside their residence when they came under attack by unknown bandits.

The gentleman had just exited the vehicle and was in the process of opening the gateway to his home while his girlfriend was still inside the vehicle, the source said, when the bandits ran from the nearby bushes, their faces were covered in masks and jumped into the vehicle.

The bandits, the source said, were driving away when the young lady who was in the vehicle, was thrown out and the vehicle sped away, the lady was seriously injured and taken to hospital.

The vehicle, later recovered, had been left abandoned miles away from where it was stolen and an undisclosed sum of money and jewellery that were in it, was missing.

This is the second incident that occurred in St Andrew this year in which bandits targeted business people, not at their business places but close to their homes.

It seems to be a new trend and a new method a resident of Grenville said, the bandits are now waiting close to the homes of the business owners around closing time, they hide in the nearby bushes and as soon as the person gets out the vehicle, they launch their attack.

Earlier this year, a Chinese family who operates a Chinese restaurant in Grenville were attacked and robbed just outside their Cook Hill Road home, to date the bandits are not caught.

According to suggestions by a concerned citizen, some of these business owners may now have to request police assistance with a mobile escort to their homes.

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