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He now holds the reign as the calypsonian that has won the most calypso crowns in Grenada. Findley “Scholar” Jeffery has decided to call it quits after winning his tenth crown last Friday, at the 2022 Calypso Finals at Progress Park in St Andrew.
His 2022 selections “Song of Resilience”, and “Six for Nine” according to the judges, amassed a total of 530 points, five points ahead of his closest rival, Rootsman Kelly, who had to settle for the second position amassing a total of 525 points with his selections “World Song and “Polie Comedian.”
Defending champion Shawn Niles aka Sour Serpent settled for the third position, scoring 520 points with his selections Oppositions and “Green House Effect”. Fourth place was captured by Nevian Cox aka, Cox and fifth place went to Randy Isaacs.
Responding to questions posed to him by members of the media relative to his decision to quit the big stage after winning his tenth calypso title, Scholar said it is a great feeling to be the winner once again, however, he added that basically, he has nothing more to prove, hence his decision to call it a day.
Scholar noted that he is satisfied that the future of calypso for his tent, and also his legacy, is in capable hands, led by his son Finandi “Stunner” Jeffery and Nevian Cox, now a senior member of his Kaiso Bards calypso tent.
Kaiso Bards secured the top six positions in the 2022 calypso finals. Both second-place finisher Rootsman Kelly and third-place Randy Isaacs are members of that tent.
As it relates to whether he would be out of calypso forever, Scholar said, he is not leaving the artform, just the competition part of it. He went on to say, however, that he is prepared to concentrate more on the administrate aspect of the calypso, his return to the stage he said, would largely be if something really dramatic happens.
For now, Scholar said, he wants to dedicate his time to guide the process, making sure that the young and coming artistes are properly equipped to take the art form to the next level so that the country can get the best out of calypso.
As it relates to the future of calypso, scholar said lots have to be done to get the art form to the level where it ought to be and going forward, he said having a longer tent period in the build-up to the carnival is just one of the ways of achieving this. Additionally, he said, the move to get the art form to be taught in schools to ensure continuity is what he would be clamouring for going forward.
Scholar said he wants it to be said when all is over that he as an individual, did all within himself to ensure calypso remains a dominant force in Grenada’s cultural landscape.
While people look towards material things as part of their legacy, Scholar said he is already looking at his legacy being materialized before his eyes in that two of his sons; Filandi, his biological son and Cox taking a stand to move the process forward.
Although he won the title ten times, Scholar said he also placed it on nine occasions, and therefore that bond between himself and the art form will continue for years to come.

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