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Chairman of Spicemas Arley Gill

Finalists in Grenada’s Soca, Groovy and Calypso competitions will see some increases in their price monies, including appearance fees for the 2022 Spicemas carnival. This announcement was made by Chairman of the Grenada Spicemas Corporation (SMC) Arley Gill, during a press conference at the Ministerial Complex on Monday.

Addressing members of the Media, Gill, who was accompanied by other carnival stakeholders stated that the Corporation thought it was extremely necessary to close the prize gap between the 1st, 2nd & 3rd places as well as an appreciable increase for 4th place. He added that taking into consideration the increased cost of production, Spice mass corporation is aware that the calypsonians and artists are putting out more than what they do on stage and as such, the corporation being conscious of that, is ensuring that those costs are being covered as much as possible. That the adjustments he hinted at have cost SMC over one hundred thousand dollars.

According to the Chairman, based on the old price structure, there was a massive difference of some $20,000 between 1st, 2nd & 3rd places across the board and as such, the Corporation saw it important to close these gaps, noting that in a competition, someone may win by two, three, ten or fifteen points and have received in their respectful view, too significant the amount than the next place winner.

Gill further explained that Spicemas is conscious of persons who have made a significant impact on Grenada’s carnival or have blazed the trail with regard to Grenada’s culture. He added that after several discussions on the best way, the corporation decided to honour and pay homage to those individuals who have made tremendous sacrifices to the development of our culture.

It is on this basis he announced the decision to name the Grenada Soca monarch semi-finals the Dr Trevor Friday Soca Monarch Semi-finals. This he said is in honour of a cultural stalwart who would have dedicated almost his entire life in service to the art form. Additionally, he said the Groovy semi-finals will be known as the Brian Griffith Groovy Semi-finals. And like Trevor Friday, Gill said Griffith’s involvement in the evolution of the Groovy monarch went beyond. Gill said SMC in showing appreciation for the pioneering and stalwart effort of those who would have slaved in the vineyard believes that those two individuals are more than worthy of being remembered and honoured.

Price monies for the major competition finals are as follows:
Soca Monarch- 1st place $ 50,000, 2nd place- $40,000, 3rd place- $30,000.
Groovy monarch- 1st place- $30,000, 2nd place- $20,000, 3rd place- $15,000
Calypso monarch- 1st place- $ 45,000, 2nd place- $35,000, 3rd place- $25,000.
Appearance fees of $ 1000

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