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When school reopens in September of this year, for the students, principal and staff of the St Andrew Anglican Primary School, a new facility and environment will be used to house them temporarily.
Work on the new facility, consisting mainly of wood, started earlier this year and thus far, ninety-five percent of work on the structure has been completed.
The institution is located about three hundred feet from the pavilion, it is secured by fencing from the public road, and a fence also separates the building from the Progress Park Recreation Ground and to some parents, the idea to relocate the school to that area was a brilliant one that must be applauded.
The St. Andrew Anglican Primary School went up in flames a few years ago and to give students the opportunity to continue their learning, some wooden structures were quickly erected to temporarily house them at the same location in Grenville.
Over the years, these buildings constantly needed repairs as they were negatively affected by elements of the weather.
Plans to have a new school built were always in the pipeline, a member of staff said.
However, to facilitate the rebuilding of the school, the students had to move to another location to continue their learning.
The Telescope Multipurpose Centre was one of the suggested locations but that facility was not big enough to accommodate all the students and therefore, that idea never materialized.
Now that the students will be relocated to the Progress Park, the rebuilding process on their new institution in Grenville could commence, the member of staff said.

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  1. Thanks 🙏🙏🙏🙏 to the brilliant thinking of the past government and education minister Mrs Pierre

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